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I really enjoyed this course, the organization, the staff and the set up- it was great. Each school has their strengths and studying PT at Western, this course helped supplement material that was not covered. The staff really worked hard to make this worthwhile. Even in mock stations you would always have good feedback. I highly recommend this course not only to internationally trained but also to Canadian trained. The guide they provide is amazing and they are always available to talk to and answer questions!

Casey D'Mello

Western University Class of 2018

The three Physiotherapists that run this course (Kash, Quincy, and Dom) are great people, and great instructors who cover the key concepts of the Practical Canadian Physiotherapy Competency exam in a handful of classes, but I feel I learned more from these guys than from my university program. Everything you could possibly need to prepare for the PCE is covered in this course. If you ever have a question outside of class, do not fear, Kash Dom or Quincy will respond very quickly and with great answers. The course book is solid, and lots of hard work went into developing it. I could not imagine doing the PCE and not having taken this course beforehand.

Cody Dudgeon

Western University Class of 2016

Western 2018 graduate – I highly recommend the PTDI Bootcamp course! It was extremely helpful to go through an organized mock exam to identify areas for improvement and to learn valuable tips and tricks for the real PCE. The comprehensive study guide and live lectures included in the course were also very useful tools to help hone the vast amount of studying material that needs to be covered for the exam. The instructors were all knowledgeable, personable, and dedicated!

Jessica Armstrong

Western University Class of 2018