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University of Toronto


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PTDI and the whole team (Kash, Quincy, and Dom) really helped prime me with checking all safety requirements in every station in addition to going over major concepts. I can 100% recommend this course for anyone looking to help organize their studying. What PTDI provides is a very well written practical manual that helps structure your approach to each station. Rather than being all over the place, the book helps you develop your rhythm and this is a huge help when you go into the exam. Needing to be structured with your approach becomes important since you need to make sure you hit all the areas in each station! What was superbly valuable was definitely the bootcamp we went through as well as the team. Kash, Dom, and Quincy were always ready to help and became a very important resource for me throughout this process. Highly recommend this team and course for any PCE prep!!!
Soroush Peyvandi

University of Toronto Class of 2018

I can’t thank the PTDI team enough for the time and effort they committed to helping me succeed in the PCE this past November! I graduated from the UofT PT program in August 2018 and I took the one-day PCE Boot Camp OSCE Workshop in October. The boot camp motivated me to begin preparing early and gave me the opportunity to meet and practice scenarios with physio grads from other schools (many of whom I have kept in touch with and will use as resources in my professional career moving forward). The feedback and β€œpro tips” I got from the PTDI team during the workshop were incredibly helpful on exam day! Also, the PTDI study guide saved me time in terms of compiling all my own notes together and the regular Facebook live lectures held me accountable to regularly reviewing the material. Overall, I highly recommend PTDI to anyone who wants to crush the PCE! 😁
Brittany McEachern

University of Toronto Class of 2018

This course was so helpful. There is an overwhelming amount of material to cover for the exam, and this course helped me study in an efficient and organized way. The manual was great for keeping me on track and as a way to know how much time to dedicate to each topic. The course also taught me so many useful tips on how to do well on stations that I would never have known otherwise. Finally, the ongoing support was amazing. Dom never made me feel bad about how many questions I was asking, and often called me back to explain over the phone if it was more complicated. Overall, signing up for this course was a great decision and did wonders for my anxiety leading up to the exam, and for my confidence going into it.

Meghan Jensen

University of Toronto Class of 2018