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University of Saskatchewan


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I would recommend this course to anyone about to take the PCE. I found that this course definitely helped me prepare for PCE better and the booklet they give you to go along with it is also super helpful! We learn so much in physio school and this course definitely helped break it down and focus on the relevant information. Kash and his team are approachable and very great at answering my questions. Thanks guys!!!

Jessica Shumaker

University of Saskatchewan Class of 2015

I am a recent University of Saskatchewan grad and I am so glad to have taken this course!! The instructors, scenarios and resources they provided us really helped me know where to start in preparation for the clinical exam and all the various topics to know! Without it, I don’t think I would have passed the clinical exam on the first try. I highly recommend this course!

Alyssa Ganjae

University of Saskatchewan Class of 2018

I just graduated from the University of Saskatchewan, and I attended the one day boot camp in Winnipeg in October, 2018. I would definitely recommend taking this course. I found that part of my anxiety leading up to the practical exam was not knowing how to approach preparing for it; this course helped with that a lot. They provided a 250+ page manual that outlined how to tackle various types of stations and included some good review material. They also they called me before the course to discuss how to go about studying and answer my questions, and after the course Kash has been in touch via Facebook messenger a few times to check-in.
The boot camp itself was also useful. Basically they had organized 20 stations; for 10 you acted as the standardized patient, and for 10 you actually did the station like you would in the exam. The stations were timed, and then after each station everyone amalgamated in a different room to go through an examiner checklist together to see what the station was asking for/review any important points. They tried to give us a few practice scenarios for each of the major subcategories of the exam, eg msk, cardioresp…and then had a little “take home message” of tips and tricks for those kinds of stations as well. Our group was full of questions which made us run behind schedule, but Kash and his team stayed almost 2 hours late with us so that we were able to get through all 20 stations. Also, while the stations were happening Kash and 2 other members of his team were circulating so that they watched you do at least 1-2 stations and could provide more personalized feedback.
After the boot camp day, there were also several Facebook Live lectures that went through parts of the manual they had provided – for example, one was on pediatric physio, one on approaches for the written stations – as well as a general Q&A Facebook live. I found all of these helpful as well.
All in all, this course helped me to feel like I had a framework from which to approach this scary exam, as well as a chance to get extra practice and build my confidence a bit. Kash and his team were really encouraging, and I think this experience helped me to be successful.
Rebecca Lascue

University of Saskatchewan Class of 2018