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University of Manitoba


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I graduated from the University of Manitoba and passed my national licensing exam with the help of this course! Studying was daunting but this course not only provided a full day of practical scenarios, but included an easy to follow study guide book, regular comprehensive online lectures, mentoring with quick answers to any questions, and encouragement along the way. 
It particularly helped me know the ins and outs of how to answer general types of questions and all the safety infractions to look out for.
I would highly recommend this course to anyone struggling to structure their studying or someone just wanting a bunch of great practice scenarios!
Lauren Nicholson

University of Manitoba Class of 2018

The book was amazing, but was just a small part of the experience. The day course gave a ton of valuable practice time and being able to be in contact with those running the course throughout the whole process was excellent as well. I would definitely recommend the course and it was a big reason why I passed the exam!


Justin Willsie

University of Manitoba Class of 2018

I graduated from the university of Manitoba. 10/10 recommend. Between the one day practice course, the book and online lectures. I felt very prepared by test day. I found the one day course was beneficial to get used to how the stations will be like and the book helped to structure how I studied and used my time. Overall I think it helped calm my nerves and use my time wisely leading up to the final test!

Kyle Smith

University of Manitoba Class of 2018