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UK Graduates


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I went to Robert Gordon University in Scotland and did the 5 week prep course for the November 2018 PCE. At first I was unsure about whether to take a prep course due to several options, but I am extremely glad I took THIS course with Kash, Dom and Qunicy! This is an amazing course to take with amazing leaders, this should be a no-brainer, just go ahead and sign up already. These guys are not only smart, but also genuine, funny, and care about their students! This course from top to bottom not only provided me with the learning and insight into how to pass the exam, but also how to prepare and study for it!
After taking the course and sitting the PCE I can say without a doubt that coming from any program (international OR Canadian), it is necessary to take THIS prep course to meet the Canadian standards, and the PTDI prep course is the one you should take. Not only do you learn the vital material for the exam but you also apply it and have the opportunity to practice it with others in the same boat as yourself. Again, these guys are absolutely unreal at teaching successful study habits, and creating a open and encouraging environment, which is great for people who are shy like myself (apparently…).”
Graham Scholl

Robert Gordon University Class of 2018

I went to school at Robert Gordon in Aberdeen Scotland and did the 5 week prep course. This course was so NECESSARY in order for me to meet the Canadian standards and pass the practical exam on my first try. Dom, Kash, and Quincy are amazing teachers and even better people!! I actually enjoyed learning and looked forward to waking up at 6am on Saturdays to drive to Toronto haha they have the answer to every single one of our questions. They are kind enough to answer our questions even when we were outside of the classroom. The PTDI course book was amazing and put all the information in one book so your not frantically looking through random notes from the past 2 years of school. The practice questions and the individual feedback were extremely helpful and its amazing to see how much your clinical and soft skills improve week to week. I recommend this course to everyone prepping for the practical exam because without it I don’t know how I would of passed. This course also connects you with like minded people who want to succeed and provide an avenue to create an amazing study group to practice with an online peer support to help answer questions. PTDI 5/5 stars for the content, the people and the food (even though I didn’t get my dipping sauwce for the zaaa aha). Thanks for all your help guys! Couldn’t have done it without ya! Cheers!
Erica Brown

Robert Gordon University Class of 2018

I am a graduate student from University College Dublin, Ireland. I am so thankful that I was recommended this course from my friend who took it. I don’t think I could of passed the exam without this course! Everyone is so helpful and really wants you do to well. They are so supportive and check up on you if you have any questions or concerns. I also made some amazing friends along the way to study with! I would highly recommend this course to anyone studying for the practical. It is 100% worth every penny! Thank you once again!! 

Vanessa Longo

University College Dublin Class of 2018