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Queens grad here. These guys were instrumental in the success of my friends and I who took their course. If you are serious about passing the exam, I wouldn’t hesitate! The boys know their stuff and know how to identify and rectify your weaknesses. If you consider the cost of the course versus the cost of taking the exam a second time, the PTDI course pays for itself. You’re paying for the peace of mind associated with knowing you’ve done all you can to prepare for the exam, and when the time comes, that you’ve left it all out on the field. After taking the exam, I felt a measure of calmness and resolution in that knowledge. I think y’all will too ! As a bonus, they make the material FUN! Thank you PTDI! You’re a credit to the profession! Much love!

Chris Button

Queen's University Class of 2018

I would like to extend a huge thanks to the entire PTDI team (Dom, Quincy, and Kash) for creating such a well-organized and informative preparation course. The instructors were all very engaging and helped simplify important concepts so that it’s easier to learn and retain. They were all very easy to approach and helped answer all questions in a timely manner. Their mock OSCE definitely simulates the atmosphere and pressures of the actual exam and they provide individualized feedback so you can identify areas you need to improve on. Once again big thanks to the entire PTDI team for such a fantastic course. I highly recommend taking this course for anyone looking to pass the exam.



Peter Wu

Queen's University Class of 2016

Enrolling yourself in this course will be the best decision you make to help you crush the written component of the PCE! After completing physiotherapy school, it was very stressful to even think about going back to sift through two years worth of lab and lecture material in order to prepare myself for this exam. Luckily enough, the PTDI course was able to do all of this for me. The comprehensive study guide and online video lectures essentially organizes all relevant material for you, making the preparation for this exam a seamless process. On top of that, Kash, the course instructor, was always keen to provide all students with prompt and accurate responses to questions about specific course material. By the time the test date came around, I felt super confident going into the exam. Fortunately for me, the results exemplified that. Taking this course is an absolute no-brainer!

Anthony Pinto Da Costa

Queen's University Class of 2019