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Honestly, there is no way I could have passed the exam without the PTDI course and these AMAZING guys: Kash, Domonic and Quincy! I graduated in 2007 in Tel Aviv University, Israel and moved to Canada in 2017, terrified of the clinical exam. This course was exactly what I needed! It helped me understand what are the expectations from me as a candidate and how to study for it. It reduced my fears to a normal level. The course is very organized, put things in order and focus on the most important aspects of the exam. Kash, Dominic and Quincy are very experienced, knowledgeable and deliver the course professionally, enthusiastically and with a great sense of humor. They were ALWAYS available for questions, and were extremely dedicated to the students in an outstanding way. 
Kash, Dominic and Quincy, I can’t thank you enough! You were the right persons in the right place, I recommend without hesitation to everyone who takes the exam: do not miss the PTDI course!
Yael Aviram

Tel Aviv University Class of 2007

PTDI course is awesome! It is an informative course for both International and Canadian trained graduates. The course helps you to understand the exam taking process and helps you to use your skills effectively. The instructors are knowledgeable and very helpful. The course manual and wide variety of practice scenarios help you to focus on your performance. This combined approach allows you to highlight the important concepts that you need to convey in order to succeed in the exam. Kash, Dom and Quincy are super nice and always available for questions. They even do Facebook Live lectures and Q&As. All in all PTDI is more than just a course and its well worth the money.


Michele Brown

Auckland University of Technology Class of 2015

PTDI was a very brilliant course/opportunity for me to smoothen out and fine tune my knowledge in a very easy going environment with friendly and very committed tutors. For an internationally trained PT (Nigeria), it was the link between my knowledge, and passing the exam.


Ekaete Agaga

University of Nigeria Class of 2002