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I am a McMaster graduate, from the class of 2018 and I highly recommend the PTDI’s course for the PCE Practical exam. The course helped me pass the exam on the first attempt. I personally did the one day bootcamp and got invaluable feedback and insight into how to approach the various stations. Beyond that, the instructors also made themselves available via facebook and phone to answer any questions and provided us with an amazing, comprehensive study guide as well as a few online lectures that essentially walk you through how to approach different stations. If you are an international graduate, perhaps the 6 week course may serve as better preparation but if you’re local, this is pretty much the only place you’ll get some great prep material and guidance for the exam.


Mario Wadie

McMaster University Class of 2018

McMaster Graduate here. I managed to get in last minute to the one day PCE Bootcamp and it was incredibly useful to passing that final hurdle to being a physiotherapist. They provide a helpful coursebook with a great overview of the various areas of study weeks ahead of time. The one day in-class session felt incredibly supportive and was vital for me feeling comfortable with the exam process and tips for how to best manage your time. It’s not just a one day event though. They post online lectures and online Q&As where you can learn more about some in-depth topics, ask questions and hear answers to what other people are asking. The staff are incredibly supportive and friendly through the entire process. I would highly recommend participating, but be sure to get in early because spots can fill up pretty quickly. Thanks for everything guys!!!
Devin Brooks

McMaster University Class of 2018

The one day boot camp with PTDI helped to calm my nerves, and was great practice for the PCE. Kash and Dominic were extremely knowledgable, and managed to cover a lot of information in a very short time. I also found the study guide really useful. It’s very clinically relevant, and covers important assessments, conditions and safety information in a brief easy to read format. I had a lot of notes after two years at McMaster, and found the study guide really helped me with where to focus. Def. recommend this course to everyone taking the PCE!

Aislinn Braun

McMaster University Class of 2017