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PTDI and the whole team (Kash, Quincy, and Dom) really helped prime me with checking all safety requirements in every station in addition to going over major concepts. I can 100% recommend this course for anyone looking to help organize their studying. What PTDI provides is a very well written practical manual that helps structure your approach to each station. Rather than being all over the place, the book helps you develop your rhythm and this is a huge help when you go into the exam. Needing to be structured with your approach becomes important since you need to make sure you hit all the areas in each station! What was superbly valuable was definitely the bootcamp we went through as well as the team. Kash, Dom, and Quincy were always ready to help and became a very important resource for me throughout this process. Highly recommend this team and course for any PCE prep!!!
Soroush Peyvandi

University of Toronto Class of 2018

McMaster Graduate here. I managed to get in last minute to the one day PCE Bootcamp and it was incredibly useful to passing that final hurdle to being a physiotherapist. They provide a helpful coursebook with a great overview of the various areas of study weeks ahead of time. The one day in-class session felt incredibly supportive and was vital for me feeling comfortable with the exam process and tips for how to best manage your time. It’s not just a one day event though. They post online lectures and online Q&As where you can learn more about some in-depth topics, ask questions and hear answers to what other people are asking. The staff are incredibly supportive and friendly through the entire process. I would highly recommend participating, but be sure to get in early because spots can fill up pretty quickly. Thanks for everything guys!!!


Devin Brooks

McMaster University Class of 2018

Western 2018 graduate – I highly recommend the PTDI Bootcamp course! It was extremely helpful to go through an organized mock exam to identify areas for improvement and to learn valuable tips and tricks for the real PCE. The comprehensive study guide and live lectures included in the course were also very useful tools to help hone the vast amount of studying material that needs to be covered for the exam. The instructors were all knowledgeable, personable, and dedicated!






Jessica Armstrong

Western University Class of 2018

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