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A long time ago in a study room far away. . .

Every idea starts with a problem. Ours was simple: There were no good resources to study from for the PCE. Before PTDI, we were like you, physio students cramming like crazy for what was the biggest exam of our lives. We were just a bunch of friends from physio school. We’ve come a long way. Let me take you back in time *cue time machine*. 

The year was 2015 and we were physio students getting ready for our last exam ever, before we could call ourselves Registered Physiotherapists. Weekdays were spent creating study notes and cross-referencing endless pages of books, while weekends were spent practicing all day until someone started falling asleep.

In 2015, there were no courses, no guidance, nothing! There were countless arguments on which way was right or wrong. As the kids say, the struggle was real. Luckily, we assembled a super study group. Other classmates had heard about our group and slowly our group grew. We were teaching our friends and bringing them up to speed with what we were studying.

Three weeks left until the big exam and we were all eagerly awaiting to hear what one of our study partners had to say about a mock exam he had done the day before. His response…”It was okay. What you guys are doing here is better”. That’s when it hit us! We were all thinking it and finally Dominic said “we should start a course and teach this stuff”. 

The day of the results came and we were relieved and overjoyed that we passed our exam and were finally able to call ourselves Registered Physiotherapists. That’s when the real work started. We worked tirelessly to create our study guide and first course for the PCE Clinical Component. By 2016 we launched our first course and as the saying goes, the rest is history.

Since starting PTDI, we have had the pleasure of helping hundreds of students not only pass but crush the PCE. We’re happy to see our vision come true of creating courses and study guides that solve all the problems and frustrations we had preparing for the PCE. It’s amazing to see how many students we’ve helped score above 700 on their exam and go on to promising careers as physiotherapists.

There’s no feeling like seeing “PASS” on the computer screen next to your name and it’s just as awesome for us to be able to share that experience with our students.

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