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Are you ready to be our next success story?

I am graduated from Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences and I was looking into moving to Canada and working as a physiotherapist two years ago. After reviewing the requirements to pass the PCE, I told my self at that time I WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO PASS THIS EXAM! Oh boy I was wrong! 
This course gives you the perfect preparation for the clinical PCE by working with you on the essential skills, knowledge and exam strategies. And with hard work of the candidate, you will have the ingredients to pass this exam.
I would highly recommend PTDI to everyone who is taking the Clinical PCE!


Muhammet Yamali

European School of Physiotherapy (ESP) Amsterdam Class of 2013

After my first failed attempt at the PCE in June 2017 I decided to sign up for the PTDI prep course. This was by far the best decision I could have made. Coming from the European School of Physiotherapy based in Amsterdam, Netherlands, it was difficult for me the first time around to really understand how to prepare/what to expect for the practical PNE. Not only did this course give my a ton of structure and guidance, but it also gave me study partners – the most crucial part of being successful (in my opinion). As much as a pain in the butt these exams are, taking the prep course actually made my experience fun and I would without any hesitations recommend the course to anyone looking to succesfully complete the exams! Thank you again Kash, Dominic and Quincy 

Christine Petrides

European School of Physiotherapy (ESP) Amsterdam Class of 2017

As a Canadian who studied internationally for my Physiotherapy degree, coming back to get accredited was such a long and daunting process. After finding the Physical Therapy Development Institute (PTDI), I realized that I definitely had the knowledge and skills, but lacked insight about the Canadian OSCE and its structure. Also I found it hard to prepare for something I had never come across before in my educational career!
PTDI was able to convert all my previous physiotherapy knowledge and streamline it into a timely efficient practical skill. Simple. It was something I could take and actually apply to the exam. They aided me to my successful outcome and when combined with hard work, its unstoppable. Thank you PTDI!


Candice Leyon

Hogeschool van Amsterdam Class of 2014